6 Top Compliance Training Tips

It can be challenging to keep employees engaged and interested in training. But when it comes to compliance training, there's nothing more important than keeping employees up to date. Here are the top six tips on effective compliance training:

1. Make training relatable

The most effective way to keep employees interested is by making compliance training relatable. Create scenarios or simulations of problems that are likely to come up on the job. Also, tailor each scenario specifically to each employee's field or area of expertise. Give them the opportunity to solve the problem using their unique set of skills.

2. Assign fun projects

If more than one employee specializes in a particular field, put them in groups and have them draw for projects out of a bucket. Then, assign the group a problem to solve. The project will center around finding a solution to the project and presenting it to all the employees involved in the training seminar. For example, one project may be to act out a comedy sketch.

3. Have the employees come up with scenarios

Let the employees think of scenarios and then turn the tables. The managers of the department must come up with solutions for the scenarios. This not only encourages employees to think of problems that could arise, but to communicate with managers. This will also keep managers on their toes.

4. Challenge employees

Assign each employee a partner from another department. Each employee then thinks of two scenarios for their partner. One that could arise in their own department, and one in their partner's. This encourages employees to interact with each other, and also gives them an opportunity to learn more about another department. This makes each employee more flexible and knowledgeable.

5. Use stories

Craft a story based on a real world event. Stories engage and allow people to use their imaginations. Your employees will be much more likely to remember an interesting story than a boring series of slides. Use music, pictures, or even hire actors to put on a short sketch or play to act out your story.

6. Give employees options

A great way to keep employees involved and active is by giving them choices. Allow each employee to choose which module they want for compliance training. For example, have employees choose between the story, the project, or working with a manager or partner. Your employees will be much happier and training will seem fun once they have the freedom to decide how they will participate.

These six tips will keep your employees engaged in the compliance training process. Contact a company like Environmental Hazmat Services Inc for more information.