Bed Bug Heat Treatments: A Guide For Prospective Customers

If you have discovered a bed bug infestation in your house, there is no doubt that the revelation will come with a lot of stress. Bed bugs can be some of the hardest pests to eliminate, even with several pesticide treatments from a pest control agent. If you are not too keen on the idea of having to deal with pesticides in your home through several treatments, heat treatment is something that may pique your interests. Here are a few of the biggest questions about heat treatment for bed bug elimination and the answers you will want to know. 

What exactly is heat treatment for pest control purposes?

Heat treatment involves using one of several methods to apply heat to areas where bed bugs may be hiding. A pest control agent may use an industrial steam machine to eliminate bed bugs on your furniture, around baseboards, or even behind wallpaper. The most modern bed bug heat treatment involves using large PVC tent structures, often termed hot houses, and heaters to create a high-temperature atmosphere where mattresses and other furniture can be treated inside. 

Is heat treatment effective for eliminating bed bugs?

Heat treatment is a good idea to eliminate bed bugs on your home furnishings, such as your mattresses, chairs, or padded surfaces. Additionally, heat treatment methods using steam can help to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs on carpeted flooring or wooden surfaces. Heat treatment works to kill bed bugs and their eggs because the bugs can only withstand temperatures of up to 120 degrees--anything beyond that for more than a short span of time will dehydrate the bugs and kill their eggs. However, heat treatment can have its limitations because it is nearly impossible to heat an entire home and all furnishings inside to this high temperature all at one time. For this reason, heat treatment is most often used in conjunction with pesticides or other pest control options for bed bug removal. 

Couldn't you just perform heat treatments on your own?

It is never a good idea to take matters into your own hands and try to achieve heat treatments on your own. In one case in the city of Detroit, a man caught himself and his entire apartment building on fire while trying to achieve a DIY heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs. Even worse, he is not alone, as there have been many similar cases in the news in recent months. It is always best to trust heat treatment for bed bugs to professionals who have the proper equipment to do so safely. Contact a company like Environmental Services Pest Control for more information.